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From Time to Time we will add interesting Private Plate Stories & / Or Plate Info on this page..


This year on the 1st January 2020,  we are starting of with..



All the Countries around the World that trade with the UK have an Embassy here, usually situated in or near London and each Embassy has it's own fleet of Diplomatic cars for staff and usually a few main executive cars for ferrying Heads of State or Government dignitaries around in. In turn each main car is usually fitted with a Private Number Plate to distinguish it from the normal "D" in the middle after a country code for diplomatic registrations. Most Embassies tend to prefer to display Short Dateless Private No.1 plates with 1, 2 or 3 letters relating ideally to their Country. But, some plates aren't available or are owned Privately. So, some Countries use Name Plates spelling out their Country phonetically like Belize & Spain. Here we've compiled a list of most of the Embassies Private Plates..


The UK or British Embassy used to have GB 1 & 1 GB on their Embassy vehicles. But, alas these day's for security they use undistinguished standard Diplomatic "D" plates ...In the future if the UK wanted to start re-using short Dateless Private Plates, they won't be able to have UK 1 & 1 UK as both are owned Privately by a certain UK Packaging Co Limited, based in Tottenham, London.


Here's a list of some of the Private Plates we're aware of on various Countries Embassy Cars..

Afghanistan has 1 AFG,

Angola has ANG 1 & ANG 2 (Angela will be upset),

Armenia has 1 ROA,

Australia has AUS 1 & it's believed 1 AUS also,

Austria has 1 OES (not ideal but Australia beat them to AUS 1 & 1 AUS),

Bahamas has 1 BMS, 12 BMS & BHA 1B,

Belarus has 1 BLS,

Belize has BEL 12E (a rather cool Name Plate with the 12 representing IZ in Belize),

Bolivia has BOL 1,

Bosnia-Herzogovina has BOS 1A,

Botswana has BOT 1,

Brazil has BRZ 1 (replacing BRA 1-4),

Brunei has 1 NBD, Bulgaria has BG 1,

Burundi has BUR 1A,

Cambodia has the unusual special issue starting with a Zero on the number REC 001 (standing for the Royal Embassy of Cambodia.. as REC 1 was in private ownership &/or scrapped),

Canada has CAN 1, 1 CAN & CDA 2 (we have  CA17 ADA  in stock which would also suit CANADA),

Czech Republic has 1 CZE,

China has CH 1 & CHN 1,

Columbia has COL 1 (Colin will be upset.. but COL 1N might come on the market as is privately owned),

Congo has CDR 1,

Costa Rica has 1 COS,

Croatia 🇭🇷 has 1HRV (we have  CRO 471A  in Stock which would suit CROATIA),

Cyprus has 1 CY (previously 1 CYP),

Denmark has DAN 1 & 1 DAN (Dan will be annoyed),

Dominica has DOM 1A & DOM 300 (probably as DOM 1 is quite possibly owned by a Domanic, Dom Jolly or maybe even a Dominatrix!),

Ecuador has 1 ECU,

Egypt has EGY 1A (probably as EGY 1 is owned privately or been lost along with the original vehicle when it was scrapped as Private Plates held no appeal or little value back then),

El Salvador has ELS 1,

Estonia has 1 EST,

Ethiopia has 1 EE,

Fiji has FIJ 1 (they also used to use FIJ 12),

Finland has FIN 1 (special issue),

France 🇫🇷 has FRA 1 (we have  FR14 NCE  in Stock which would also suit FRANCE),

Gabon has 1 GAB,

Gambia has 1 GAM,

Georgia has 1 GRG,

Germany has GER 1,

Ghana has 1 GHA & GHA 4A (they also used to use 3 GHA and GH 28),

Greece has 1 GRC (used to also use GRE 1J & GRE 1S.. (we have  GG12 EEK  in Stock which would also suit the GREEK Embassy),

Grenada has 1 GRN,

Guatamala has 1 GUT,

Guyana has GYA 1,

Haita has HAT 1A (and used to have HAI 1.. although not seen on their vehicles for some time),

Hong Kong has 1 HKG,

Hungary has 1 MAG and used to own 1 HUN & 2 HUV (1 MAG is Maggie's or a Magazine publishers dream plate),

Iceland as IC 1 & 1 ICE (special issues),

India has IND 1 (special issue),

Republic of Indonesia has RI 1 (special issue NI Reg),

Iran has 1 PER,

Iraq has 1 RAQ (special issue with a Q - not usual issue),

Italy has ITA 1 (special issue. 17 ALY is privately owned by an Italian London Restaurant, although we own UK17 ALY),

Jamaica has 1 JAM (a number of Jam Co's would have liked it and Paul Wheller ex member of the Jam),

Japan has JPN 1D (probably as JPN 1 plus JAP 4N & J4 PAN are privately owned),

Jordan has HKJ 111,

Kazakstan has KAZ 1 & 1 KSN (Borat would like those!),

Kenya has 1 KEN (the late Ken Dodd would have liked that.. (we have  KE17 YAS  in Stock which would also suit KENYA),

Korea has 1 ROK (a Heavy Rock fan may be upset),

Kuwait has 1 KUW (they also used to have 2-6 KUW & 1 KMJ but they're no longer seen on their Embassy vehicles),

Kyrgystan has 1 KYR,

Latvia has LAT 1A (probably as LAT 1 is in private ownership or not available having been scrapped with the original vehicle),

Lebanon has 1 LEB & 1 RL,

Lesotho has 1 LES (Previously owned by the late Les Dawson - Comedian),

Liberia has LEM 1, plus LIB 1 & 1 LIB (although the aforementioned Reg has not seen on it's vehicles for some time),

Lithuania has 1 LIT (either being original NI issue or special issue),

Luxembourg has 1 LUX,

Macedonia has 1 MAK (probably as MAC 1 & 1 MAC are in private ownership or not available),

Malawi has 1 MLW (also had 2 & 3 MLW although not been seen on their vehicles for some time, so may have been sold on),

Malaysia has 1 M (possibly the most expensive if it were ever sold),

Maldives has 7 MLD (probably as MLD 1 & 1 MLD are in private ownership or not available),

Malta has 1 MLT,

Mauritius has MAU 1,

Mauritania has 1 MRN,

Mexico has MEX 1,

Moldova has 10 MDA,

Morocco has MOR 1D (probably as MOR 1 & 1 MOR is held privately or been scrapped a long time ago with the vehicle it was on),

Mozambique has 1 MOZ,

Myanmar has 1 MYN (replacing BUR 1 & BUR 6 when it was called Burma),

Nambia has NAM 1, has NEP 1,

Netherlands has NL 1 , NL 2 and had 1 NL (the latter not been seen since they acquired NL 1),

New Zealand has NZ 1 & NZ 2 (both special issues),

Nicaragua has NIC 1 (Nicholas, Nick, & Nicola will be upset),

Nigeria has FGN 1 & FGN 1A, plus NG 2, 3 & 4 (seems they missed out on NG 1 probably owned privately and although you'd think NIG plates would be suitable, NIG plates are in fact banned by DVLA.. although 1 or 2 did slip through the net prior to sensitivity surrounding the word NIG, as original issues),

Norway has NWY 1,

Oman has OMA 1N (not ideal),

Pakistan has 1 PAK (although it did own PAK 1, but it is no longer used for it purportedly spells a derogatory term),

Panama has PAN 1,

Papua New Guinea has 1 PNG,

Paraguay has 1 PY,

Philippines has PHI 1 (special issue),

Poland has 1 POL,

Portugal has POR 1,

Qatar has QTR 1,

Romania has ROM 1 & 1 ROM, plus ROU 3A),

Russia has 100 RUS (as 1 RUS & RUS 1 are in private ownership).. although we have tabs on RUS 51A and RUS 514,

the Russian Federation has 1 RF,

Saudi Arabia has SAO 1L (used to be mis-spaced as SA O1L, although not been seen for a number of years due to security issues),

Senegal has SEN 1, 2,3,4,,5 & 6 (must be addicted to number plates or have a big family!, although No's 2-6 have not been seen on vehicles since it acquired SEN 1),

Seychelles has SEY 1 & 1 SEY (the latter has not been seen for a number of years and may now be in private ownership),

Singapore has SGP 1 & 1 SGP (although 1 SGP has not been seen on it's vehicles for a number of years),

Slovakia has 1 SLK (a Mercedes SLK owner will be upset) & SVK 1A,

Slovenia has 1 SVN & SLO 1A (the latter it had before the No. 1),

Somalia has 1 SOM,

South Africa has SA 1,

Spain has SPA 1N,

Sri Lanka has 1 SL (a Mercedes SL owner will be upset),

St. Lucia has 1 SLU,

St. Vincent & the Grenadines has 2 SVG,

Sudan has SUD 1 / 2 SUD & SDN 1,

Swaziland has 1 SZD (special issue),

Sweden has SVE 1,

Tajikistan has 1 TOJ,

Tanganyika has TGN,

Tanzania has 1 TAN (a Tanning shop owner will be browned off),

Tasmania has TAS 1,

Thailand has THA 11 & THA 12 (mis-spaced as THA1 1 & THA1 2),

Togo has 1 TOG, Tonga has 1 TON,

Trinidad & Tobago has 1 TT (there will be a disappointed Audi TT owner or Isle of Man TT race fan),

Tunisia has TUN 1,

Turkey (now called Turkmenistan) has TUR 1 (we have  T11 RKY  in Stock which would also suit TURKEY),

Uganda has 1 UDA & 1 UGA,

Ukraine has UKR 1,

United Arab Emirates has 1 UAE,

United Kingdom (on British Embassy vehicles in the UK due to security reasons, they just use standard Diplomatic "D" plates ...although when called Great Britain they used both GB 1 & 1 GB, but as they no longer relate to the UK.. and our Government do not own UK 1 & 1 UK plates, as they are both privately owned by a UK Packaging Co., that has them both on the Managing Directors vehicles, as well as having many other Short Dateless UK running number plates on their delivery trucks and on other staff cars),

United States of America has USA 1 (but due to security issues no longer use it, 1 USA is believed to be in private ownership),

Uruguay has 1 URU,

Uzbekistan has 1 UZB & 1 UDM,

the Vatican had 1 VIP and has 1 VCN,

Venezuela has 1 VEN,

Vietnam has 1 VN & 1 VNA,

Wales has CYM 1 (but is part of the UK and does not therefore have an separate Embassy as such  The Private Plate W4 LES is owned by Welsh TV Channel S4C [Channel 4 Cymru]),

Yemen has YEM 1 & 1 YEM,

Yugoslavia had YU 1 (but since the split up of the Country it's ownership is not known),

Zaire had ZAI 1 & 1 ZAI (their Country is now called Republic of Congo and the plates ownership is no longer known),

Zambia has ZAM 1,

Zimbabwe has ZIM 1 (special issue),


We think more Countries should follow Belize's & Spain's example and have Name Plates such as  BEL 12E  &   SPA 1N  .


Like our CA17 ADA,  CRO 471A, GG12 EEK, KE17 YAS, &  T11 RKY  Private Plates on their Embassy Cars resembling their Countries.


Vietnam for example could also have  V137 NAM  as well as 1 VN & Zambia could also have  ZAM 81A  as well as ZAM 1. Perhaps whilst reading through the above list of Countries with Private Number Plates on Embassy Cars, you may know of others!! If so, why not send them in to us by text or email, preferably with a pic of the actual plate/s on the cars. We hope you've enjoyed reading this.. Send us your interesting Plate Stories & if they're good, we'll publish them.


Below are just a few examples of how we come to our Number Plate Valuations..


Our expert valuations are based on a vast amount knowledge & contributing factors, gained from Buying & Selling all manner of Private Number Plates within the industry since 1985 & prior knowledge passed down to me from my own father, who acquired his first Dateless Private Number Plate "21 DAN" way back in 1971.

We constantly keep up with current market prices & recently achieved sales. Whether similar Registrations are currently for sale or have achieved sales privately, via other Plate Dealers, via DVLA's own website, DVLA/BCA Auctions or by Private Auction houses.


There are also many other contributing factors to be taken into consideration when valuing Private Number Plates.. including the anticipated demand of the Number Plate in question.. whether it has popular initials and a low or memorable Number, that are in short supply in the trade. We know instinctively there will be high demand for initials like JMS, as opposed to poor initial combinations like XUY for instance (sometimes in the case of non Dateless standard issue Reg No's, the Reg No., in question is not worth retaining for the £80 DVLA retention cost & we will advise our Customers if such is the case, unlike some unscrupulous Dealers in the trade, who will overvalue your Reg No. (even if it has zero or little value), in order to get it on their books (where it may be for sale for 20+ years without attracting one single enquiry or offer, simply in order to bolster the amount of plates for sale of their own website). We won't & don't do that, we only take on as Client Commissions & value each Number Plate based on it's intrinsic value, with a good chance of selling at a realistic market retail value & profit for you & also for us.


Then, there are those Cherished Numbers which spell out or look like popular First Names (such as these few D examples: DAN, DANIEL, DAVID [DAV 1D is currently on the market (by the same person who owns F 1), for an asking price of £750,000.00 inc VAT.. as opposed to our own "DAV 10S" which we have in Stock for just £49,995.00 all in], DAVE [we have DAV 355S in Stock for just £3995+VAT & we have DAV 3L in Stock at £19.995.00 all in], DEB [we have "D38 XXX" in Stock at just £2350 all in], DEBBY [we have "D38 BYS" in Stock for just £6750+VAT], DOUG [we have "DOU 6J" & "DOU 6L" both in Stock at £4500+VAT each], DOUGLAS [we recently Sold our "DOU 914S" registration]. Those are just some examples of Name Plates we have in Stock [as mentioned] or have sold quite recently).


Also popular are Private Plates phonetically spelling out or looking like popular Surnames (just a few examples below for popular JONES, LEWIS & SMITH Surnames). All of which, we have examples of in Stock, [such as "JO17 ESD" at just £1500+VAT & "JO17 ESX" also at £1500+VAT, plus we also have "JON 13S" in Stock for £9995 all in, which resembles JONES & recently sold our Jonesy lookalike plate "JON 355Y"]. As for Lewis, we have these top draw Lewis Plates in Stock: "LEW 15D" at £39995 all in, "LEW 15F" at £29995 all in & "LEW 15H" at £49995 all in. We also have many other Lewis & Smith Name Plates in Stock, starting from just £1500+VAT each for "SM17 HCO, SM17 HME, SM17 HSU, SM17 HUK, SM17 HWH" & many SM17 HS_? & SM17 HY_? plates each priced at £2250 all in & other Lewis Plates starting at just £2000 for "MR13 WUS", rising to £12995 all in for "LCW 15S", with many other Lewis combination plates in Stock priced in between. We also recently sold our LEW 15E, LEW 15G & LEW 155S name plates].


Also being based on the shortness in particular of a Dateless plate (for instance some 1 Letter with a single No. 1 Original issue Registrations, can achieve prices depending on the popularity of the letter from £750,000.00 to £1,000,000.00+ [£1 Million+], right up to £10,000,000.00+ [£10+ Million] for plates like F 1. Original issue Y 9, will be worth more than 9 Y & Dateless Reg No: 1 ABC will be worth less than original issue ABC 1). Original issue (Letters first) - also known in the trade as "right way round" tend to almost always be worth more than Numbers first then letters. Whatever format of Dateless Plate you own (be it a 1x1, 1x2, 2x1, 2x2, 3x1, 1x3, 2x3, 3x2, 4x1, 1x4, 4x2, 2x4, 3x3, 3x4.. etc format, we will value it realistically, rather than giving unrealistic & therefore unachievable over-valuations.

However, there are some instances contrary to the rule, (such as "51 MON", would be worth far more than it's reverse right way round format "MON 51", being as it resembles SIMON and 2 OE [looking like ZOE] would be far more valuable than original issue OE 2.. etc).


When it comes to valuing any format of Registration.. be it Dateless, Suffix, Prefix or Current formats, well phonetically spelled Name, Word & Car Model related Registrations have constantly been achieving high sales figures over the past 30+ years (with such plates as AR53 NAL, A5 TON, BEN713Y, CO17 RAD, DAV 1D, D1 ANA, 488 FER, 812 FER, GAR 37H, G30 RGE, 1 ANS, L4 MBO, LAM 80, LEW 1S, MAR 71N, 720 MCL, M1 CKS, M1 CKY, 25 O, 60 O, 65 O, 72 O, PET 3R, P3 TER, R1 CKS & R1 CKY, 63 SVJ, W4 LES, W357 HAM.. etc) & that upward high end auction & / or retail value on quality Name, Word & Car related Number Plates looks certain to continue their upward trending prices for the foreseeable future. Making wisely chosen Private Number Plates a great investment choice for the wise investor, over more risky traditional investments, which profits are not guaranteed, especially during uncertain times. For instance: stocks & shares, commodities, classic cars, super cars, commercial & residential property investments (& will the BitCoin bubble finally burst)!  

Private Plate Values have increased considerably over the past couple of years, on average by over 25%-35%. Particularly for short Dateless Private Plates of 5 digits or less & Name Spelling Plates of any length or format. 


Therefore, there's never been a better time to BUY or SELL a Private Number Plate.. and getting an up-to-date Realistic Valuation of your Private Number Plate &/or Plates, is crucial & fundamental in obtaining an accurate figure of their Trade & Retail current worth & highly recommended.


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